just a little trip

this past Sunday, we went to Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Jaffa, which is in the picture, is a port city which is also known as Joppa where the story of Jonah happened along with the vision that Peter had in Acts 10. It smelled like fish-it is a port.nothing glamorous-yet beautiful to see how God used this insignificant place for His greater purpose. Then we went to the beach-1st time in the Mediterranean! it was not only hot outside, but the water was warm and a lot saltier. But it was such a fun day! We ended Looking at the sunset ocean-reading the scripture that alludes to the ocean and the awesomeness of God’s power and knowledge and being. And we closed with one of my favorite songs-Behold Our God. Seated on His throne, come let us adore Him!

here’s a link to some of my Israel pics for those who aren’t on facebook!




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