Remember 9/11

Every September on the eleventh day, people typically dress in red, white, and blue, post pictures of the crash of the twin towers or New York on facebook, and become somber in the morning time commemorating the time when the plane first hit.
Personally, not me this year.
I woke up so stinking early to go on a New Testament Walk with the rest of my peers here in Israel.
It wasn’t until we got to the Temple Mount between Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock that the reality of the date set in. This Mosque and Dome are two of the more “holy” places on Earth for the Muslim people. We as a class were able to walk up between them, as there is a large walking area between the two buildings. As we looked to where we were walking, there were many groups of about 8 men to the left of us and women to our right. They looked like they were doing some kind of prayer time among their groups. As we walked through and between the men and women, they yelled, “Allah Akbar”. And I know now that it’s not that they were yelling at us, but the looks mixed with the shouts, it was daunting.
It was there, as I looked upon the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque that I stood in amazement. In awe. September 11th has become a day of remembrance as an American. A day that truly has changed our nation’s history dramatically as so many men and women have fought in this war and given their lives-of which I am so thankful. But to the people I passed, it was a day that commemorates men who were striving to please Allah. It breaks my heart.
The rest of the day, all I could do was praise God for the blessed Redeemer that He was, is, and forever will be. I praise God for the men like Rudy, who literally gave all of themselves to serve their country of freedom-a true blessing from God. It makes me stop and think-how am I, in the daily tasks of life, going hard and full-heartedly to show the love of Christ to others and reflect Him-learning more about my Father’s greatness? Everything is for His glory, right? Therefore, I must be transformed by the truth of the Scriptures-not this culture that has become so sick and twisted. I must go to the purest fountain to truth-drink and eat.
September 11, 2013 was a different day. I did remember the lives that were given-especially that of a dear friend-there were somber moments throughout my day, no doubt-but shouldn’t everyday be a day of remembrance of the Life that changed the world forever. And my response to live soberly seen in every task for the glory of my Father-my Jesus. {Titus 2:11-14}


2 thoughts on “Remember

  1. I, too, living overseas, did not think of the date right away but later in the morning remembered how things changed in a matter of minutes for our country. Rulers today think they know what is going on or how to control the world but there is only one Ruler and He is on His Throne. He knows the perfect time to reign over all in glory and we wait expectantly for that day! Keep up the great learning and blogging!

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