d e a d sea

I was feeling a little down, so I went to the lowest place on Earth: the Dead Sea.

Don’t worry, I didn’t die, I just almost did.

The purpose of yesterday’s field trip day was to see the Ascent of Ziz, En Gedi, and the Nahal’s Arugot & David. This geographical region was important for a lot of different situations, but the two that I clearly remember were about Jehoshaphat and David. The Lord blessed Jehoshaphat in this area by delivering him from his enemies as described in 2 Chronicles 20. We talked about the different time David was able to kill Saul, yet didn’t. It was cool to read the account of David in an area that could have been the place, as there were caves and I could see how David really did have a good chance and opportunity to kill the one that had been seeking to kill his own life for so many years.

There was a lot of hiking. And on the first part of the hike, there were some pools and a waterfall or two that we jumped in and that was always refreshing-as it did surprise me as to how hot it was so close to the Dead Sea. It was hot. But it makes me understand all the better as to the metaphor of “living water” and the importance of water to a people group and how sweet water is-Agua Dulce {my Spanish of the day}.

At the end of the day, we finally got to the Dead Sea-and it’s not quite what I thought it was going to be like. It’s more like a salty lake. You can see across to the other side and OBVIOUSLY there was no movement in the water. The water is really oily, I guess, from all the minerals over time. What’s crazy is that despite the saltiness, there are fresh springs going into the sea all the time. Weird. And the mud is actually really gross-but it does wonders to the skin-my hands-SO SOFT! And after a while, the water really get to ya and burns. Plus the smell of sulfur is undeniable. BUT it was super crazy to float and not have to struggle to float. It was hilarious as you could be upright and still be floating, just bobbin in the Dead Sea.

I am thankful for the fact that as we were going down one of the steeper sides of the hike, I was wearing my backpack and I just stumbled a little, and my friend quickly grabbed my backpack-literally had my back. I wouldn’t have fallen, but it was a sweet encouragement that the people I am here in Israel with aren’t just fellow students, but friends. {so cheesy, but so true!} I am thankful for the fact that I haven’t gotten injured, just a nasty spider bite on my foot which makes me want to rip off my foot, but I’m just being patient so that I can turn into spiderwoman first.

I am stoked for several reasons: 1-bought my ticket to Rome for Travel Study. 2-we leave for Galilee for 8 days on Saturday! On the flight here, I sat next to an Israeli person who told me that Galilee is the one place you must go, supposedly it is beautiful. Yeah-I’m excited about that! OH yeah, plus being where Jesus’ main ministry was. That’s cool too.


3 thoughts on “d e a d sea

  1. Spider woman in the caves by the Dead Sea. Ok, I got that image in my head. It’s great that your team is doing so well together! Hang in there and enjoy your Galilee trip – sounds great.

  2. Jenna, you are so stinking cute. Please take a picture fast if you turn into spiderwoman! I would say enjoy your trip, but OBVIOUSLY you already are, haha miss you tons!

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