I have seen so much and there is so much to say.

I have visited:

  • Sepphoris (capital during Jesus’ youth)
  • Tiberias
  • Gath-hepher (hometown of Jonah)
  • Cana (possible place-probably not the real one, but maayyybee)
  • Mt Arbel (where we could see the entire Sea of Galilee-it was a cliff)
  • Kursi (traditional place where the demons into the swine)
  • Capernaum
  • Tabgha (place where Jesus taught from a boat and a mount close where He gave the Beatitudes)
  • Hazor
  • Tell-Abel beth Maacah
  • Tel-Dan
  • Caesarea Philipi
  • Mt. Hermon (transfiguration of Jesus)
  • Golan Heights (where we could see Syria-and read the conversion of Paul)

The place we are staying at is the only resort on the sea of galilee. As much as you would think that there is a built up town or city, there is really only one city-Tiberias and there is a resort in En Gev-where we are staying. It is just lovely weather. The water is warmer than the ocean. The food is delicious and I am really thankful for the coffee as it is good every morning. The winds do pick up in the evening, but it is never a cold wind.

Funny story: my window latch broke and I couldn’t close my window which was a bummer because the sand was coming in the window and makin a mess! It was nice during the day, but at night-it needed to close. So I was trying to close it but it wouldn’t shut. I thought maybe, I’m just an idiot, so I asked Alex-and she couldn’t close it either. So we walked over to reception and got a maintenance guy to come over and look at my window. He kindly told me that nothing could be done tonight-no way-shocker. So he said he would glue my window shut. I thought, ok fine, I don’t really care. So he came back into my room with a roll of duct tape-green duct tape-and taped my window shut. Moral of the story: College Life is so real life-macaroni and cheese and duct tape always fixes the problem.


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