{area of samaria}

Last week I went to the area of Samaria. I loved this area because the whole time I thought of the Samaritan woman at the well-Jacob’s well. This is one of my favorite interactions that Jesus has as this is not culturally acceptable with the Jewish people. But the gospel is transcendent. A man approaching a woman, from an area that is hated by the Jews. Yet Jesus proceeds with the conversation to show her the truth and she repents and is saved.
We did go to Shiloh which is the location of the tabernacle during the time of Hannah-where she prayed and the Lord granted her a son-Samuel (1 Samuel2). It was cool to be on this hill top and be able to see the surrounding areas-it was a clear(ish) day so I could see vineyards and the other towns and see how the people would all come up to the tabernacle and worship the LORD there.
We went into an area that Samaritans still live in today. There are very few of them, but they are definitely still in the land of Israel. Bill Schlegel-the teacher that is so smart and knows so much about Israel- took us to a place where the Samaritans still practice sacrifices today. There was a large platform where they all would gather. Then the sheep are led to the slaughter-or the ditch which catches the blood- and then roasted on a big pit then eaten by the people. So in essence, they sacrifice for their sins and then have a party, aka: bbq.
THEN we went to one of my favorite spots: Mount Gerizim. From this mountain top, I could look down onto Jacob’s well-where Jesus led the Samaritan woman to the truth-to Himself! On the opposing side of this mount is Mount Ebal. The Israelites were to give blessing on Mount Gerizim and cursing from Mount Ebal from Deuteronomy 28. AND THE COOLEST THING OF IT ALL: IT WAS RAINING AS WE WERE STANDING ON THE MOUNT OF BLESSING!!!! Rain is the greatest blessing of all time to the people of Israel. It was super cool. I could see for a moment Jacob’s Well-which is now a town-but we could see the clouds roll into the valley and then release the rain. It is definitely one of my favorite places that we have been to during this trip.
Funny Story:
During our group time on Saturday Night, we played Battle of the Sexes-of course us girls won-but we played a roommate game of questions. Now, I love Beatrice and I think I know about her and I thought, ya, she’s gotta know a lot about me. SO the way the game worked was like the Couple Game-so Bea was asked questions and answered as I would have answered-but I was out of the room. So she answered and I came back in and I thought, yes, we’ve got this! But then it came to the question: “What does Jenna miss the most from home?” And I thought one or two things. And recently I’ve really been missing donuts. What can I say, I love me a good maple donut. I’ve been pinning them on pinterest for the past couple days. ANYWAY- it came to my turn to answer and I blurt out “DONUTS”. Bea turned to me and said, “What?! You miss your mom!” LOL don’t get me wrong, I definitely miss my mom-especially since it’s her bday today. But I can talk to her and see her-I can’t eat an all American donut. Then the next day, Bea went to the mall and got me an Israeli donut-she’s so thoughtful. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was quite delicious.


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