beards, bellies, and unibrows

beards, bellies, and unibrows

It’s getting busy around here-going everywhere and studying and having a real social life with my 28 friends-it’s been a blast.
Since the last blog I’ve been to:
The Shephelah
Beth-shemesh where we stood on the edge of the Sorek Valley and looked at Zorah and Eshtaol where Samson was born and grew up. *amazing fact: Sorek means “choice vine” yet Samson was not allowed to eat grapes/drink wine. Ironic? I think not.
Azekah & Sucoh where the two cities are mentioned that the fight of David and Goliath took place between. And Sucoh is where Goliath is said to have been standing when he challenged the Israelites.
Lachish: a big city that was one of the last standing during the Babylonian Conquest.
Gath: the center of Philistine cities-quite cool how from the top of the acropolis, you can see all the other Philistine cities. This is where David faked being crazy to escape Abimelech and escaped to the Caves of Adullam.
Caves of Adullam: went here and hiked up the steepest hill we’ve climbed in a LONG time and I sat and thought about how quiet it was there-and what a place to seek refuge. David was a wise guy.
Then my Archaeology class went to my teacher’s lab at Bar-Ilan University where he is getting his doctrite. It was cool because he is a part of a real dig at an ancient site. So we got to see a lot of ancient pottery and there was even a lady putting all of it together-the ultimate puzzle master.
MY ROOMATE TURNED 20!! So it was fun to celebrate with her with real coffee and a scrumptious coffee cake.
This past Friday Beatrice and my good friend Taylor and I went to the local mall-which felt like real Israel-not a whole lot of tourists around there. But it was a good time of laughter, coffee, and a donut that had sprinkles that were pop rocks. definitely caught me off guard.
Then we got back to the Moshav and the clouds began to roll in and I went to Stephanie Schlegal’s house to make some Challah bread-which came out quite great if I say so myself.
Last Saturday, we went to a synagogue which was quite the experience. Part of it was in English and the reading from the Torah and Haftorah and Siddur were all in Hebrew. But I was able to keep up with the reading in Hebrew from my little knowledge of the language as we read from the “pulpit Bible”. The woman who read from the Torah, read in Hebrew and I followed in English-obviously. It was cool. Different. But now I can say I went to synagogue in Jerusalem.
AND THEN Saturday night, we ALL dressed up for a party with all of us ibexers and teachers. It was hilarious. Yes, I did dress up like a man-but not just any man, a shop keeper here in the Old City. Bea and I looked pretty great if I say so myself. beards, bellies, and unibrows. This was definitely a highlight for me for the week. We got really into character the whole night and I am so thankful for Beatrice Major, because I don’t think there is another girl here who would get into this role as much as she did with me. LOL it was fabulous.
AND I got to skype JP and Noelle-just love those family members of mine! ❤
I’m doing well. School is coming to a close-which is SO CRAAAAZYYY! In some respects I feel like I’ve just gotten here and then in others, I feel like I’ve been here FOR-EV-ER. I’m doing some projects, papers, and studying for some tests. Tomorrow we leave for the Negev area for four days. Then on the 16th I leave for Italy for a week with some of my best friends. With all these trips, it’s so hard to stay focused with the task at hand-school. But I’m getting things done-PTL!
Song on repeat this week: He’s Always Been Faithful to Me by Sara Groves


4 thoughts on “beards, bellies, and unibrows

  1. I had so much fun reading your post. The caves of Adullam were my first hike in Israel. I remember thinking I was going to die! The person on the trail in front of me looked like they were standing on top of my head! Good times :o)

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